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Ignite dreams and embrace the Greater Bay Area

  Good news! On the occasion of welcoming the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Hopeful Group has added a new member-Gainful Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.. In 2020, it has established a new member in the Greater Bay Area of the 9+2 city group in Guangdong Province-Jiangmen, Guangdong. With an area of 50 mu, the layout of the new plant has been released. The new plant will be built in the form of an industrial park. A modern industrial plant with comprehensive first-class plant facilities, complete and convenient living facilities, and a beautiful environment will be built. The new plant will be equipped with more modern machinery and equipment, and employees will enjoy a more high-quality and comfortable living environment and better benefits. This indicates that the strength of Shenzhen Hopeful has come out of Shenzhen, and it is expanding and extending in a broader development world! Hopeful's tomorrow will be even better!

  Layout of Gainful Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.: